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foto temb

After the earthquake

The exhibition portrays the reconstruction process in the towns and villages destroyed by the earthquake of August 15, 2007. Improvisation, neglect, corruption and devaluation proved to be more destructive to society than the earthquake itself. Years later, people still live in tents and in provisional camps that have now become their permanent homes. Only the groups of people that were able to organize themselves receive international aid.

foto resi


This travelling exhibit displays the work of 10 Latin-American authors. The show opened in Madrid on June 2009 as part of the PhotoEspaña festival. Resilience is defined as the positive capacity of people to cope with and adapt to situations under high levels of stress and catastrophe. Eleven images from the series “After the earthquake” were chosen for this exhibition. Resilience, curated by Claudi Carreras, received the PhotoEspaña 09 Public’s Award.

foto adol


A series of portraits and recordings that explore the motivations, dreams, fears and aspirations of a group of young men and women from different districts of Lima, who are between 13 and 19 years of age. Unlike their parents, these teenagers have grown up in a society free from terrorism, hyperinflation and dictatorships, but without solid social references. Corruption, lack of moral values and the absence of respectable institutions face us with a dim and uncertain future.

foto natura


Through a series of multimedia pieces that incorporate photography, video and audio, this exhibition attempts to recreate the delicate balance of natural ecosystems. The pieces reflect on the need to respect various natural processes that have been abused by contemporary culture. It takes us from the great landscape to the image of nature as a subject, introduces us to its cyclical and continuous essence, to its music, and to natura as a creator of life in the natural course of events.